"If BoYee can learn how to have Love, anyone can..."

Want to learn how to be in your feminine, know your worth, and experience Love?

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About Me

I feel blessed... very very blessed.

Everyday, I experience a WATERFALL of infinite Love from God!

I experience Love from myself, my dear husband, my incredible family, my tough love friends, my committed clients and students, my generous mentors, and my precious animals (including 5 cats and 1 indoor chicken).

Their names are:




Baby Moses

Princess Fiona


My life feels so full and it continues to expand everyday...

I BELIEVE IN LOVE ALL THE WAY and all I want to do is share with everyone that Love is here for you to experience right now as well! You don't have to wait.

But my life didn't always look like this...

I didn't always believe in love.

Love was tainted. Love was twisted in my childhood.

I experienced severe sexual abuse (r*ped over 600 times) and emotional torment for 8 years by a serial pedophile as a child.

My mother was his 6th wife and he had a track record of molesting his daughters.

So when I escaped at age 19, you can say that I had a difficult time believing in love from anyone.

I definitely didn't believe in love from family; I felt like they abandonned me more than anyone.

My heart was broken so many times in relationships that I even considered becoming a lesbian and writing off men completely.

And I certainly didn't believe in God. I was a proud atheist and mocked people who believe in God.

In the Winter of 2017 was when everything changed...

When I least expected it...

JESUS (PERFECT LOVE) entered my life in the most profound way and started to change my heart slowly, but surely.

And over the last 7 years,

I have had the biggest breakthroughs in my life thus far (some very painful),

which I am so thankful for

because they have led me to experience healing and growing love in my relationships with


my husband

my family, friends,

and even animals (especially cats.. I used to be terrified of cats)

that's a longer story for another time.

Anyway long story short,

something I hear all the time from women is

"If BoYee can learn how to have Love, anyone can."

You have no idea how much this warms my heart when I hear this!

This propels me to share with the world what has helped me so that others can experience infinite Love too!

Infinite Perfect Unconditional Love is available to you right now too!

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